Tasks administrator:

BBBN will work for you as soon as the court order is available:
Open a management account managed by the administrator. This account is in your own name. This account enters the income and the expenses are paid.
Ensures that your fixed charges are paid on time through the management account (using the budget plan)

  • Provides an overview of all revenue and expenses.
  • Create an opening balance. This balance sheet describes all your assets and liabilities at the time of the administration.
  • Manages your administration (both mail and payments).
  • All entities with which you are financially affected will be credited. Your financial mail will no longer be sent to you but to BBBN.
  • Carries out contact with creditors, municipalities and other institutions.
  • I'll help you make the debts clear. In case of a problematic debt situation, I support you with a debt relief agency. Usually the credit bank or the municipality.
  • If the debt is not so large, BBBN will make arrangements with your creditors to repay the outstanding amount by means of a payment arrangement if this is possible within the budget.
  • Does the tax return (box 1)
  • Close insurance and / or contracts for you if necessary
  • Help with the application for a benefit, special assistance and / or surcharges

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